Patent strategy

A patent is an asset, and as with any other asset, you can exploit its intrinsic value and bear the burden of its cost. R&D and Sales & Marketing organizations are capable of generating an abundance of patentable inventions, but often there’s no business point in pursuing the majority of such inventions.

Your company needs to foster and pursue the inventions that may lead to patents aligning with your present and future business goals. Competitive companies spend resources on patents only because it makes sense for the business, not because it is legally possible or looks good in statistics.

Our approach is to combine business knowledge with patent knowledge to provide business-focused patent strategies that puts business at the front of any decision-making relating to patents.

We will work with your business and innovation teams to develop the patent strategy that :

  • converts knowledge and human capital into business relevant patents,
  • maximizes the value of your patent portfolio supporting your business goals,
  • exploits all the four key strategic effects, and 
  • supports rapid decision cycles (link) for sustainable competitive advantage. 

We have developed patent strategies for whole companies as well as numerous patent strategies for individual business areas and for technologies such as disease areas, pharmaceutical formulations, CMC manufacturing processes, food manufacturing processes and food ingredients.

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