Patent risk mitigation

In today’s business environment it is difficult to bring any product to the market without incurring at least some patent risk. Often the patent risk includes the exposure to infringement of third party patents, but it may also include other patent risks such as the risk of losing a key patent. Your freedom to operate analysis (link) should have identified the main patent risks which your products are exposed to. Like any other business risk you would prefer to establish risk mitigation measures in due time such that, in the event of the adverse result becoming reality, your company is prepared and suffers only minor business adverse effects.

We are experienced in identifying as well as mitigating patent risks. We provide risk analysis and prioritization for making informed business decisions, patent risk mitigation strategy as well as operational assistance according to your needs and preferences.

Best practices require that the known and perceived risks be analyzed according to the degree and likelihood of the adverse results that are anticipated to take place. Thereafter, all such risks analyzed shall be documented according to their levels of priority in a risk mitigation plan. Then the development and integration of the corresponding risk mitigation strategies follow.

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