Patent invalidation

Let´s face it, even competitors do come up with a patent application or even a granted patent which may turn out to be a nuisance to your business plans and which may not be a valid patent. No competitor should receive a patent scope beyond what is patentable according to prevailing patent law and practice at the relevant time.

We are well versed into the discipline of invalidation of competitor patents. We are experts in conducting targeted prior art searches which can limit the scope or eliminate the third party patent in opposition, reexamination or litigation proceedings.

We have two different approaches to prior art searches for patent invalidation dependent on the priority between urgency and resource budget. Absent urgency, our approach to patent invalidation is a circular process where we start out searching for the “low hanging fruits” and gradually expand our search according to the plan agreed with the client. In urgent situations concomitant activities often need to be executed.

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