Patent audit

We conduct patent audits regarding all aspects of patents, strategy and the operation of a patent department :

  • Patent portfolios,
  • Patent systems,
  • Patent strategies,
  • Patent tactics

A relevant question is :

“Do our company spend the patent resources in a balanced way, i.e. allocated in an optimal way ?”

Too often they are not and there is room for optimization e.g. redirecting patent resources from one activity to another activity creating more value. The cost of patent audits remains low compared to the cost of a company having a sub-optimal set-up.

A patent audit can be a very good starting point for making informed decisions. The patent audit can ignite a patent portfolio optimization or an internal service optimization to yield greater cost efficiency and operational productivity. Internal service optimization may be internally in your patent department or more importantly in the interaction between your patent department and other company functions e.g. Management, R&D and S&M.

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