Freedom to Operate Analysis

Part of the professional handling of business risks is the Freedom to operate (FTO) analysis. The FTO analysis identifies potential patent barriers to the contemplated commercialization of products, services or technologies. The FTO searches examine the claim scope of third-party in-force patents in relevant markets and are conducted as a due diligence to assess the risk of potential patent infringement.

The FTO analysis is typically used to :

  • Assess patent infringement risks and support clearance for future planned activities
  • Uncover needs for licensing or invalidation of third-party patents.
  • Valuate your product or project, e.g. NPV calculations.
  • Provide directions for R&D  projects. 

We prepare FTO analyses as well as advice on the cost-effective plan for when and how to do which FTO analyses during your product development phases.

FTO analyses can be extensive, please contact us for delineating your task and maximize the value of the search and analysis efforts.

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