SB Patents provides patent and business consulting within chemistry to pharma, food and biotech companies.

Our business model is to provide companies with flexible resources to support their on-going programs and to fuel sustainable competitive advantage.

We combine business skills with patent knowledge to provide business-focused services to your company. Your assignments with us will be executed by a consultant having both technical (PhD), legal (European Patent Attorney) and commercial (HD) degrees coupled with solid industrial plus consultancy experience.

Winning is often about mastering the fundamentals. We believe that the winning team is the one that excels in the fundamentals of the triangle composed of technology, law and business economics. Mastering and navigating all these three fields simultaneously bring astonishing results to your business.

SB Patents is a flexible and fast-moving patent and business consultancy having full focus on bringing client value. We persistently pursue the needs and interests of our clients, we work diligently and we apply the necessary ingenuity and endurance to attain your objective.

Client service is the core of our business and as a client you will soon note that your business gets full attention all the way. Also we rigorously apply improvement and standardization techniques for best-in-class efficacy. We do not host incumbent procedures, exclusive domiciles or other stuff that do not directly support optimal client value.

We are particularly strong in our patent strategy consulting and the following tactical and operational execution.

We can step into different roles fitting your particular business needs, whether those needs are operational services, strategic services, management and execution of patent projects or a mixture of assignments.

Scientifically we are experts in protein chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology and biochemical engineering.

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise from pharma and food industries including the important regulatory aspects that also shapes the competitive environment.

We are certified as European Patent Attorney via the European Qualifying Examinations and can assist you as experts in patent law and patent based business strategies.

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