Welcome to the European Patent Attorney at SB Patents

Here at sb-patents.dk, we are ready to help you with your patent and patent-related business needs.
Some of the main points of our firm, services and products:

  • Expert in advanced patent consulting within chemistry and biotech
  • Assisting Pharma, Food and Biotech companies achieving ambitious goals
  • Turning your R&D activities into valuable assets
  • Providing strategy and execution for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Patent application drafted by a registered European Patent Attorney
  • Small exquisite firm giving you competence, focus, brilliant client service, confidentiality & trust


Competence, Service & Client Value

We provide business based patent consulting with focus on bringing client value. You will be served by an experienced European Patent Attorney having industry and consulting experience as well as university educations in science, business and law.

We offer very competitive consulting fees and as a small exquisite firm we are truly flexible, we provide brilliant customer service and we focus on YOUR business with unprecedented confidentiality and loyalty.
Please check our web-site, including the testimonials, and consider if your business would benefit from our services and products.

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